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Daniel believes that we never stop learning. Honing our craft of wigs is such a rewarding process. Working smarter not harder is the key to how Daniel’s mind works. You will learn some time saving techniques as well as see how Daniel mind thinks while he creates a wig. How to get to the end result with the most seamless stunning results. You will have access to all of Daniels tool that he uses. He doesn’t leave anything out you will see each step of the process.


You will have the Ventilating 101- this is where you will learn the process of knotting hair to lace. This is the foundation to wig making. You will need to master this before other classes or workshops are taken with Daniel. You will get the videos of how to knot in a larger visual so you can see each step. Then you will see in real time on lace. You will also get the client hair prep video how to prep your clients hair to wear under the wig you are making for them. Then you will get the wig template video, you will learn how to copy your clients’ hairline and build out the wig block to use to make your clients wig.

Advanced Education

Wig classes for Human hair and Synthetic hair Cutting wigs, Curling wigs, Styling wigs, applying wigs.

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